Gen Con 2011 – Square Shooters

Ethan had the chance to talk with the publishers of Square Shooters, C.J. Calvert Designs & Heartland Consumer Products, LLC.  Square Shooters is a cool set of dice that is actually a complete deck of cards.

This is another in a series of short interviews from the floor of Gen Con 2011.

About Square Shooters

SQUARE SHOOTERS is a complete deck of playing cards on dice!

  • Each die has 6 faces. Nine dice together have 54 faces – a complete deck of 52 playing cards plus 2 jokers.
  • Our patented design places the playing card faces on the dice in such a way that popular card hands from poker to rummy can be rolled.
  • For instance, every straight and royal flush card for every suit is on a different die; and
  • every rank card is on a different die!
  • You can use SQUARE SHOOTERS® to play almost any game you usually play with cards! Of course, you can make up your own new games!
  • Click here to learn how to play the Square Shooters® game we’ve invented, and other great family games!
  • Click here to learn how to play Texas Cut-Throat and other games of chance that you can play with your adult friends…
  • SQUARE SHOOTERS® is coming soon to a retailer near you!