Gen Con 2011 – Pinnacle Entertainment Seminar

Ethan had the chance to sit in on the Pinnacle Entertainment seminar at Gen Con 2011.  Pinnacle Entertainment went over their plans for their various game lines, including Deadlands Reloaded and the long awaited Hell on Earth Reloaded.  Also in attendance at the seminar were the licensees of the Savage Worlds game system, including Reality Blurs, Savage Mojo, and many others, and they detailed what they have in store for their various product lines.

About Pinnacle Entertainment

Pinnacle began in 1994 with Fields of Honor (a historical miniatures game) and The Last Crusade (a collectible World War 2 card game designed by John R. Hopler).

Certainly what we’re best known for is Deadlands, which has now been going strong since 1996. Deadlands has appeared as a roleplaying game, a miniatures game, a collectible card game, a collectible disk game, and a comic book. The roleplaying game can be found in its original “classic” edition, in the d20 system, and “Reloaded” for our current house system,Savage Worlds. It has also been translated into Steve Jackson Games’ popular GURPs system.