Gen Con 2011 – Ed Greenwood

Ethan and Tracy (from Troll in the Corner) were meandering around the convention floor at Gen Con 2011, and had a happenstance run-in with Forgotten Realms creator and author Ed Greenwood.  What follows is a recording of a fantastic conversation the two of them had with this legend in the D&D universe.

This is another installment in a series of short interviews from the floor of Gen Con 2011.

About Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood (born 1959) is a Canadian writer and editor who created the Forgotten Realms. He invented the Forgotten Realms as a child, as a fantasy world in which to set the stories he imagined, and later used this world as a campaign setting for his own personal Dungeons & Dragons playing group. He began writing articles about the Forgotten Realms for Dragon magazine beginning in 1979, and he sold the rights to the setting to TSR in 1986. Greenwood has written many more articles andD&D game supplement books for the setting, and has written Forgotten Realms novels as a freelance author.

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