Gamer’s Haven Special Edition – Vorpal Network Gen Con 2009 Coverage – Goodman Games

I know we made a hulabaloo about not going to Gen Con this year, but that doesn’t mean the Vorpal Network didn’t make it! Those guys over at Fist Full of Comics and Games managed to make it there, and, as part of the exclusive Vorpal Network coverage of Gen Con 2009, The Gamer’s Haven, Fist Full of Comics and Games, and The Tome Show are all releasing simultaneous episodes of exclusive Gen Con interviews!
In this episode, the Fist Full of Comics and Games guys interview Goodman Games at Gen Con 2009!

Running Time for this Episode is 30 minutes.

Vorpal Network Exclusive Interviews with Wizards of the Coast and Green Ronin Publishing available at Fist Full of Comics & Games and at The Tome Show!

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