Gamer’s Haven Special Edition – An Interview with Secret Skeleton Miniatures

Ethan and Nathan had the chance to sit down with local miniatures game company Secret Skeleton Miniatures.

About Secret Skeleton Miniatures

Secret Skeleton Miniatures is a producer and distributor of 25mm tactical-scale metal fantasy gaming miniatures inspired by the classic era of the World’s Most Popular Role-Playing Game. We also produce and distribute a line of 25mm tactical-scale Space Opera miniatures.

Our mission statement is to make available high-quality gaming miniatures to a select customer base of old-school fans who want to play with the look the classic era of their favorite role-playing game.

Our statement of ’25mm Tactical-Scale’ means that the miniatures are made to fit with the standard 1 inch = 5 feet battle maps. They are designed so that 5mm = 1 foot of height.

Most of our miniatures are designed to have versatile assembly. Many feature interchangeable arms, hands, heads, etc so that each miniature will stand out as it charges across the battlefield towards your unlucky player characters!