Gamer’s Haven Special Edition – An Interview with Andrew Wilson

Ethan had a chance to sit down with small press publisher Andrew Wilson, from Silent 7 Games.

About Silent 7 Games

At Silent7Seven Games, we release RPG products using the Game System License for Dungeons & Dragons 4E. Our goal is to release products that range from simple and straightforward to radical progressions of 4E design trends, all the while being unique, evocative, and interesting additions to your game.

As part of this design, goal, we try to push the boundaries of charted 4E design. The game offers what is, for the most part, a straightforward and streamlined game system. At Silent7Seven, we create new subsystems and mechanics that may not always fit into the simple expectations of 4E. We also know that this isn’t for everyone. You may be a beginner to the system, or to RPGs in general, or you may just be perfectly happy with what the system already offers, not interested in muddying up the easy-to-use mechanics the game offers. This is why we introduced the 7scale.