Gamer’s Haven Snippet Episode 1 – Steam, Bang, and Animalia

In this first snippet rewview episode, Ethan takes a look at Steam, Bang, and Animalia.

About Steam: Rails to Riches

Steam, from Mayfair Games, places you in control of a railway company, with goods to deliver and track to be built! Opportunities abound, but your opponents can also take advantage of goods, demands, and the terrain to challenge you. Spend your money carefully, create a network of tracks to connect cities, and deliver goods to become the greatest railroad of them all!

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About Bang!

When a man with a pistol meets a man with a Winchester, you might say that the one with the pistol is a dead man… unless his pistol is a Volcanic!

In the wild west, the Outlaws hunt the Sheriff, the Sheriff hunts the Outlaws, and the Renegade plots in secret, ready to join one side or the other. Before long, bullets start to fly!

Which gunmen are Deputies, ready to sacrifice themselves for the Sheriff? And which are the merciless Outlaws, looking to gun him down?

The world’s best-selling wild west card game is back in a new, richer format. Easier to learn and play than ever before!

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About Animalia

You’re determined to be awarded the title of Best Breeder and you have three season to win as many medals as you can with your show animals. But beware, your opponents are all trying to do the same thing and they certainly won’t hesitate to use their animals’ special powers to spoil your plans. Stay alert, keep an eye on your opponents’ animals as well as your own – and see who gets to the top of the medal table!