Gamer’s Haven Episode 40 – Gender Roles in Gaming (aka the obligitory Women in Gaming Episode)

In this episode, we catch up on some of our backlog with an episode recorded many months ago. We are joined by Jeremy’s wife Robin and Nathan’s wife Becca, who help us talk about women in gaming. We talk about gaming in general, the gaming industry and how it appeals to women.
The Three Parter returns with a “Multi-Parter!” We hit the books, literally, with a stack of reviews. First, Ethan reviews The Algernon Files and The Algernon Files: Flames of War M&M Superlink books from Blackwyrm Games. Then, Nathan takes a look at the Game Mastery Map Packs from Paizo Publishing. Jeremy then reviews Carnival of Tears and The Skinsaw Murders, both Game Mastery adventures from Paizo Publishing. Ethan comes back with a review of Key Largo from Titanic Games and Tutankamen from Out of the Box Games. Nathan then talks about another game from Out of the Box Games called Fish Eat Fish. Jeremy then wraps it up with some reviews of some of the Planet Stories books (The Anubis Murders, The City of the Beast, Elak of Atlantis, The Secret of Shinarat, and The Kiss of the Black Goddess) from Paizo Publishing.
Total Running Time for this Episode is 116 minutes.