Episode 93 – KantCon 2012 Awards Ceremony

It’s that time again! We wrap up KantCon with the fourth-annual KantCon Awards!  This time, we are joined by … Nathan!

It’s a landmark year!

As a grand finale of KantCon, on Sunday, July 8 beginning at 8:00 p.m., the Gamer’s Haven Podcast will be on hand to present a number of awards to convention attendees. All throughout the convention, during scheduled roleplaying events, you will be voting for best players. Additionally, if you play in scheduled card game, board game, and miniatures game events, the winners’ names will be recorded for posterity during the KantCon Awards Ceremony. Also presented will be acknowledgements to various volunteers and staff of KantCon who contributed to KantCon this year as well as some thanks for Kickstarter participants.

These super-fancy, custom awards trophies will undoubtedly be the best miniature, plastic trophies you will proudly display on your mantle! Plus, there may be some special SWAG that gets given away. Acceptance speeches are encouraged, and audience participation is virtually a requirement! Get to know some of the people you’ve been gaming with over the three days of KantCon, and sit back and relax while we close KantCon 2012 with a bang!