Episode 91 – Mecha and Other Strangeness

We are joined in studio by none other than Chris Perrin, creator of the Mecha RPG available from Heroic Journey Publishing.  Chris discusses his new Kickstarter project, Mecha Combiners, and we talk KantCon a little.  We talk inspiration for Mecha, and other place where Mecha can be found in games.

In the Three Parter, Nathan talks a bit about What We’re Into with the Kickstarter projects Leisure Suit Larry, Shadowrun Returns, Wasteland 2, and Spaceventure – Guys from Andromeda and also talks about a book he just read, Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker.  Jeremy talks the News.  Ethan and Chris, meanwhile, hit you all up with some shameless plugs for Mecha Combiners and the Superpowered Dossiers.

Total running time on this episode is 138 minutes.

About Mecha

Metal and Flesh

In battlefields on Earth, in space, and on realms known only to imagination, brave men and women answer the call of fate. They leave behind their simple lives and become pilots of giant armed robots, called mecha, opening a world filled with excitement and danger.

Live and Die

No matter their beginnings, mecha are tools of war! Pilots will soon learn that with the awesome power of their mecha, comes the awesome responsibility to fight the evil gods of the Living City, put down the Separatist Guard’s shameful rebellions, topple unjust kings and his lackies, the Arbor Defense Force, find love with the Cheerleader Captain, and get to class before the Vice Principal finds out. Such is the life of a mecha pilot.

Together As One

No pilot faces these trials alone. A pilot will always have his mecha to be strong where he is weak and protect him in the face of unspeakable danger. Also, the pilot will always be there for his mecha, who needs to be led to glory on the battlefield.

Mecha… The RPG

This is mecha-style anime role playing at its finest. Grab some friends, some dice, and this book and get ready to relive the best robot anime you’ve ever seen and tell mecha anime-stories no one has dreamed of yet. This is Mecha.

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About Mecha Combiners

Mecha combine and form blazing weapons!

Do you remember how cool it was on Saturday mornings to watch five robot lions come together to form a mighty robotic warrior? Did you marvel when that robot hero formed its blazing sword and hacked giant evil creatures to tiny bits? (Did I just reveal my age…if so, search for Voltron on Netflix!! :))

Welcome to Mecha Combiners, the second published supplement for the Mecha Role Playing Game by Chris Perrin. These rules have long been the most asked-for supplement for Mecha, because, let’s face it, there’s something pretty awesome about playing a team of pilots that can come together to form a giant robot.

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About Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure Suit Larry is a series of adventure games written by Al Lowe and published bySierra from 1987 to 2009. The main character, is Larry Laffer who, though still somewhat lovable, is a balding, dorky, double entendre-speaking, leisure suit-wearing “loser” in his 40s. The games follow him as he spends much of his life trying (usually unsuccessfully) to seduce attractive women.

About Shadowrun Returns

Jordan Weisman, the creator of Shadowrun, is back and Shadowrun Returns (forApple Android tablets and PCs) is the game that Shadowrun fans have been waiting for a long time. A graphically rich 2D turn-based single player game with deep story interaction, meaningful character development, and highly-contextual tactical combat, Shadowrun Returns is not only going to make some old geeks (like us) very happy but it will introduce new players to a dynamic gaming universe that is beloved around the world.

About Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 is the direct sequel to the first ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG. The original Wasteland was the inspiration for the FALLOUT series of games, and the first RPG to allow players to split parties for tactical considerations, to face players with moral choices, and to make them deal with the consequences of their actions. It was the first to provide far more than the one-key-for-one-lock style of puzzle solving. It was groundbreaking, which is why IGN named it one of the top 25 PC games of all time, Computer Gaming World named it the Adventure Game of the year in 1988, and it was short-listed for inclusion in the Smithsonian Institution’s current “Art of the Computer Game” exhibition.

About Spaceventure – Guys from Andromeda

Hey there, Classic Adventure Gaming fans as well as those relatively new to our worlds. Congratulations on being, er… special enough to find yourself here. We happily welcome you to our official Two Guys website. Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, aka ‘The Two Guys from Andromeda’, are back together. No, your optic orbs have not been on a bender. You read correctly. After a brief 25+ year hiatus we (Mark and Scott) have joined forces once again and are tooling-up to bring you a new Space Adventure, or SPACEVENTURE™ ,.if you will.

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About Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker

The Hellbound Heart is a horror novella by Clive Barker, first published in November 1986 by Dark Harvest in the third volume of their Night Visions anthology series, and notable for becoming the basis for the 1987 movie Hellraiser and its franchise. It was re-released as a stand-alone title by HarperCollins in 1988, after the success of the movie, along with anaudiobook recorded by Clive Barker and published by Simon & Schuster Audioworks. It retains the gory, visceral style that Barker introduced in his series of collected short storiesThe Books of Blood. The story focuses on a mystical puzzle box and the horror it wreaks on a family which is unfortunate enough to come across it.

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About Superpowered Dossiers

Updated and expanded, now with the support of Lone Wolf Development’s Hero Lab software, Gamer’s Haven Publishing is proud to begin releasing Superpowered Dossiers.  These Dossiers will completely detail a superhero or supervillain for use in the Superpowered universe, or for use in your personal Mutants & Masterminds setting. Some of these characters can be found on the Justice City United Podcast at https://www.gamershavenpodcast.com.