Episode 100 – Story Time!

Welcome to the first episode in the triple digits, as well as the first episode under the Nerdvana Network banner!

In this extra-special episode for our extra-special listeners, we gather our friends and some of our listeners together to tell you some of our favorite moments from the gaming table.

It was over six years ago that we set out to start this show, and now that it’s many years later, and we have a loyal cadre of listeners, friends, and adventures, we want to share a bit of why we keep coming back to do this show, and why we’ve recorded over 72 days of actual play recordings.

If it wasn’t for people like you who listen to the show and let us know about your adventures around your gaming table, whether it’s in Kansas, Hawaii, Canada, Estonia, South Africa, or the Moon.

Special thanks to

  • Erik,


  • Andre,


  • Jessica,


  • Amanda,


  • Ryan,


  • Tracy,


  • Jason,


  • Gmoe,


  • Aaron,


  • Sara,


  • and many others

who contributed to this episode.


A special thanks to Special Guest Randy Milholland, author and creator of the awesome webcomic Something Positive.  He was kind enough to share some great stories from the gaming table for us.

According to Randy, he is probably napping right now. Sometimes, at night, he dons little shoes with curled toes and a little hat and secretly aids overworked cobblers. Then he uses their stores to launder money. He also grew up in a little patch of suburban sprawl between Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas. Under a full moon he sometimes transforms into a meerkat.

As did Aaron Walther, from New Haven Comics, writer and creator of Zero’s Heroes, another pretty awesome webcomic (and one that if you, say, like our Justice City and City of Angels Actual Play, you will likely enjoy).

Aaron is the head writer and Editor of New Haven Comics. His credits include Zero’s Heroes and Science Hero. When not writing, he roams Midwest America looking for the secrets to perfect storytelling.

Welcome to the continuing adventures of the Gamer’s Haven, and you’re all part of it.

Thanks from all of us here at the Gamer’s Haven – you listeners and friends are all why we do this show.

Oh, and support us by supporting the Nerdvana Network!