Is France’s gaming time best spent at a table?

If you frequently find yourself gaming at a table, then it’s worth asking yourself what other means of engaging with this sacred medium we refer to as “games” truly holds for you. But as the internet allows an insight into other forms of entertainment and individuals who would previously have let those gaming opportunities pass them by finally engage, you look to growing RPG hotspots like France, the States and the UK as hubs for those who adore gaming around a table.

Interestingly, it’s also entertaining to watch it merge with another large scene that takes players into a world of huddling over cards and plotting their next move – poker. In France, for example, the poker scene, both offline and on, has exploded, and as some have already demonstrated, those who dabble in other tabletop games such as Magic: The Gathering may be at a distinct advantage when jumping into that world for the first time. Not a bad result for those who previously saw cards as a means to tap into a fantasy universe, rather than a significantly healthier bank account.

So whether those in the French gaming scene are spending their time on or delving into a little Maléfices for some retro tabletop enjoyment, it’s arguable that the two worlds are beginning to merge – and it extends to videogames, as well. More and more are beginning to come around to tabletop via the medium of boardgames based on The Walking Dead and other popular franchises, and slowly the world will realise that a roll of the dice is one of the purest forms of tension and luck when it comes to interactive entertainment. That, and the inevitable moment in which a fellow poker player calls your bluff.