About Us

The Gamer’s Haven has been Providing gamemasters and players alike with tips, tricks, and tales from the gaming table of Ethan, Nathan, and Jeremy. The Gamer’s Haven podcast launched in November of 2006, and is still going strong (despite some minor setbacks here and there).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some gaming conversation that will hopefully kickstart a new game, enliven an ongoing game, or just make you smile!

Our goal is to provide gamers of all kinds with a place, a “Haven” if you will, where you can feel welcome and feel comfortable sharing your views on gaming. Our hobby is a rich, dynamic interest, and there are a lot of things to talk about when it comes to gaming. In geek culture, you can have serious discussions about Star Wars, Star Trek, and the Lord of the Rings, and this is what we’re trying to capture on The Gamer’s Haven.

About Ethan Parker

Ethan has been gaming for almost two decades, ever since his brother handed him a copy of the Marvel Super Heroes RPG during his fifth grade year. That drove him down a spiral of decadence, dice rolling, and dungeon mastering. He’s currently studying journalism and pre-law at UMKC. He maintains this website, runs a gaming podcast, a social club, and organizes a gaming convention in Overland Park every year. He’s got a little Schipperke named Diego that is his “tent stake of sanity.”

About Jeremy Putnam

Jeremy has been gaming almost as long as Ethan has.  He might say otherwise, but we all know Ethan is the “Lord Liege of Gaming” (and the guy who maintains this website).  Jeremy has a lot of experience with Dungeons & Dragons, up through the current edition(s).  He’s an avid fan of the West End Star Wars game, and lives in Shawnee with his lovely wife, Robin.

About Nathan Tolbert

Nathan has the least experience as a GM, but he makes up for it with a vocal opinion on many a subject.  He’s a fan of Shadowrun, and loves all thing Cthulhu.  He’s been known to give players nightmares when delving into the Cthulhu universe, and he lives in Olathe with his lovely wife, Rebecca.

Gamer’s Haven Podcast by Ethan Parker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.