While life continues to consume Jeremy, Nathan, Noah, and I, we’re hoping to get back to recording on a monthly schedule as soon as possible.

That being said, we are very much wanting more things to happen on the Gamer’s Haven Podcast website.

We’re looking for contributing writers, podcasters, and streamers to help contribute to the content on this website, whether it’s in the form of reviews, new shows, more actual play – as long as it’s associated with gaming in some variety or another, we’d like to offer you a platform with which to exercise your joy of the hobby.

There is no compensation here – this is completely on a volunteer basis. But, if you want to talk about games, we want this to be a place to do it.

Expect some things to shake up here at the Gamer’s Haven Podcast, and expect us to be around for a long time (next year is, after all, our 10 year anniversary).

Anyway, let us know if you want to contribute to the Gamer’s Haven Podcast!

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