We welcome a special guest in this episode when we talk about using music in your game for a short time, then move on to the important stuff, and talk with our guest, the Lone Gunman!  Then, in the Three Parter, Nathan talks a little about what he’s into with Diablo II, while Ethan reviews a handful of the Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report PDFs and the Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit, both from Green Ronin Publishing, and Jeremy gets all shadowy when he wraps things up with a double review of the Wizards of the Coast products Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow and Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond.  We then wrap up the episode with a nice bow with a few random encounters …

Total running time on this episode is 133 minutes.

The Lone Gunman

About The Lone Gunman

Kansas City area Filk artist, TheLoneGunman (Alex Boyd), is going to be on hand at KantCon 2011 to play his assortment of oddball, geek-related, acoustic music during the breaks between gaming slots.

Alex is a local musician who has a love for all things geeky, nerdy, silly, science fiction, the people that love that stuff too and his love for folk music.

So come on down to KantCon 2011, and enjoy some local music at the same time you’re enjoying hours of great gameplay!

“My music is simple, stemming from the fact that I spend all my time practicing drums and not guitar and my love for the Ramones. The songs are about whatever it is I feel like singing about, from silly songs with no point whats so ever, to epic stories where the tunes are like chapters in a book and everything in between.”

The Lone Gunman has new CDs coming out on May 28, 2011.  You can learn more about The Lone Gunman by visiting his website where you can listen to some of his tracks.

The Lone Gunman will be performing in Kansas City in two upcoming performances:

  • May 20, 2011 at 31st Century Game and Hobby located at 2113 E 151st St # B, Olathe, KS 66062-2931.  Call them at (913) 397-7706
  • June 10, 2011 at Borders located at 15350 West 119th Street, Olathe, KS 60062 for a “Hunger Games” show.  Call them at (913) 764-0336.

And, of course, The Lone Gunman will be performing live at KantCon 2011, so what are you waiting for?  Pre-Register to attend KantCon 2011!

Diablo II

About Diablo II

Diablo II is a dark fantasyhorror-themed hack and slash, with elements of the role playing game and dungeon crawl genres. It was released for Windows and Mac OS in 2000 by Blizzard Entertainment, and was developed by Blizzard North. It is a direct sequel to the 1996 hit PC game, Diablo

Diablo II was one of the most popular games of 2000. Major factors that contributed to Diablo II’s success include its continuation of popular fantasy themes from the previous game, and its access to the free online play service, Battle.net

The game was conceptualized and designed by David Brevik and Erich Schaefer, who with Max Schaefer acted as Project Leads on the game. The main production roles were handled by Matthew Householder and Bill Roper

An expansion to Diablo II, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, was released in 2001, and is currently at version 1.13c. A sequel, Diablo III, was announced in 2008.

Buy Diablo II from the Gamer’s Haven Amazon Store ($14.99)

Buy Diablo II from Noble Knight Games ($10.00)

About the Mutants & Masterminds Threat Reports

The Threat Report is formatted as an update from AEGIS, the American Elite Government Intervention Service, the government agency in the World of Freedom tasked with handling super-powered menaces. In particular, initial Threat Reports deal with increased activity coming out of Emerald City on the west coast, to tie-in with the

forthcoming Heroes Journey adventure series, also set in Emerald City. Things are happening in the city, and your heroes need to know!

The report is introduced by an AEGIS field agent and includes a complete character sheet with M&M Third Edition game information on the profiled villain. It also includes the villain’s background and various ways to use the character in your own game. Each Threat Report is illustrated and, as a bonus, includes the villain’s game information in Hero Lab format, so you can import it right into the character management software and use it right away! All this for just 99 cents an issue–where else can you get a super-villain for less than the price of a cup of coffee?

Buy Mutants & Masterminds Threat Reports from RPGNow ($0.99 each)

M&M GM’s Kit

About the Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit

The Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit is a key accessory for your superhero campaign. It features a sturdy and practical 3-panel hardback screen with all the charts and tables you need to play the World’s Greatest Superhero RPG. The kit also includes a 48-page booklet with a Quickstart Character Generator that lets players speedily create balanced starting heroes. The Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit is the perfect complement to the Hero’s Handbook and Gamemaster’s Guide and will help you kick off your game with style.

Buy the Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit from the Gamer’s Haven Amazon Store ($13.57)

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Buy the Mutants & Masterminds GM’s Kit from RPGNow ($10.00)

Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow

About D&D 4th Edition Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow

The Shadowfell is a cold, grim place through which the spirits of the dead must pass on their way to… wherever. Dark, evil things live there, suffused with the power of shadow. Some mortals in the natural world learn how to tap into this source. Assassins. Necromancers. Hexblades. By all accounts, a ruthless lot. However, not all beings that draw strength from the Shadowfell are vile, blackhearted fiends. A few even dare to call themselves heroes, using the power of darkness to fight darkness. Are they evil? No. Deeply disturbed and hounded by their own dark demons? You bet.

Player’s Options Heroes of Shadow focusses on characters that fight evil in ways that make others cringe. In addition to exploring the nature of the shadow power source, this book presents races, classes, feats, powers, and other options aimed at players hungry to play the archetypical antihero with a dark edge.

Buy Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow from the Gamer’s Haven Amazon Store ($19.22)

Buy Player’s Option: Heroes of Shadow from Noble Knight Games ($23.95)

Shadowfell: Doomwrought and Beyond

About D&D 4th Edition Shadowfell:  Gloomwrought and Beyond

The Shadowfell is a dark reflection of the natural world, a haunting plane where fear and death rule. Yet, within the gloom are countless lures for adventurers seeking fortune, glory, and more. Just don’t get caught alone at night!

This boxed set is for Dungeon Masters interested in taking their heroes on excursions to the Shadowfell, as well as Dungeon Masters looking for a sinister setting in which to run thrilling urban adventures. A 128-page book presents the fully detailed city of Gloomwrought, complete with location descriptions, maps, quests, and game statistics for monsters and villains. It also includes provides information on other locations heroes are likely to visit beyond the city’s dark walls. In addition, the box contains a 32-page book of encounters set in Gloomwrought and beyond, two card stock sheets of die-cut monster and villain tokens, a foldout battle map, and a deck of 30 cards that DMs can use to add suspense to any Shadowfell-based adventure.

Buy Shadowfell: Doomwrought and Beyond from the Gamer’s Haven Amazon Store ($26.39)

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