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School Daze – Playtest 2

By Rolling20s, on March 6th, 2012

If you like narrative-driven roleplaying games with light systems, and easy character creation, you’ll love School Daze. It’s gaming, in a high school setting, and it rocks.

High school is a time that everyone remembers. We see it everywhere: in movies, and books, and music. But what we see there isn’t real high school, and neither is School Daze. School Daze uses high school as a vehicle to tell fun stories. Stories like you’d see in Saved by the BellBuffy, the Vampire SlayerThe Breakfast Club, or Brick. School Daze is high school, but it’s high school the way you want it.

School Daze – Playtest 2 [ 3:05:50 ]Play Now||Download(330)

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