Some of you may know that the 100th episode of the Gamer’s Haven Podcast is coming up. We’re planning on doing something very special.

Within the next few weeks, what I would love to get from all of you, if you are interested, is time.

Please record audio of either your favorite gaming story, or your favorite moment from the Gamer’s Haven Podcast itself, or it’s actual play, and send it to us for inclusion in the 100th episode.

Length doesn’t matter, and we want it within the next two weeks, no later than April 6th. If we can’t get together, then just find a few minutes with yourself, a computer, and a microphone (or a digital voice recorder if you have one), and record a story from the gaming table that makes you smile, and keeps you coming back to roll the dice over and over again.

Oh, and don’t forget to wish us a happy 100th as well.


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