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Ethan, Nathan, Jeremy, Becca, and Chris were treated to a game run by the fine guys at Terra/Sol Games, Mike Cross and Chris Stevens.  Terra/Sol Games is, of course, the publishers of Twilight Sector, a setting for Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller.

“You are all employees of Currie Pharmaceuticals. A large multi steller nation drug company. You are members of a field trial team in some way, researchers, security, ship crew, management. You are meeting the Mistress of Orion, one of the city sized mega ships in the setting called Dreadnoughts so you can piggyback to your jump off location a system 8 parsecs distant called Absolute Zero. In Traveller terms this ship is huge, it is about 1.2 million dtons big. These ships can traveller further faster than smaller ships like the one assigned to your team the Hunter’s Princess.

“You are on your way to a planet called Edge which is a fringer backwater world with a population of only 82,000. There Currie does a lot of it’s field trials away from the prying eyes of competitors and regulators. When you get there you are to conduct the field trials for a new psionc drug currently simply labeled Psion – C.”

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