The concept of gamification is being capitalized on by the world’s most recognized brands. This is very true especially when you bring Marvel comics into the picture. As the demand of land-based casino continues to dwindle, that of the internet casino is skyrocketing by the day, thanks to the good marketing strategy that the industry has put in place. The big brands like All Jackpots casino are making use of iconic symbols such as superheroes to brand their games and also push the concept of gamification even further.

This concept has given traditional slot machines a different dimension altogether. As a result, modern slot machines now give players a chance to compete with iconic characters by trying to beat them in the game. The interaction between these folklore or movie characters add life to the internet casino games, thus giving players more reason to spend time playing the games.

Another innovative approach that could push the agenda of gamification forward is the introduction of casino adventure. In these adventure games, players will need to accomplish certain missions before getting rewarded. These games are not your traditional casino games since they are spruced up and embellished with adventure elements.

Reasons why the trend of gamification will continue in the same momentum

The importance of gamification not only revolves around sprucing up old casino games. Instead, software developers and casino operators are using it to achieve a better customer retention rate. Most online casinos spend a lot in trying to gain and retain their users. Losing them would come at a great cost anyway.

According to a Harvard Business School study on e-loyalty, it was discovered that the cost of acquiring customers was so high that it would take a customer sticking around for 3 years in order to break even. Apparently, nearly 50% of online casino users leave before this time. What this means is that internet casinos must use every means available out there to push this retention rate higher. One of the methods being used now is the concept of gamification. Thankfully, it has proved to be an effective means of retaining users.

Elements of gamification and how they play out to keep you entertained

When you try the online slot games available at alljackpotscasino.com, you will see that most games offer a chance to indulge in an online community where players are rewards with new levels, special features, and even cash. There is always a reward for spending time on games. Otherwise, users would not waste their time playing games that don’t have goals to be accomplished.

Another element of gamification is seen when these games encourage feedback between the users and the slot machines. There is constant interactions and achieving of new levels every time a user spends time on these games. Consequently, users get addicted because of the urge to achieve new levels.


Gamification of online games is something that revolves around the psychology of players. Software developers need to ensure that their games are getting better over time. They also need to ensure that in-game goals are relatively easier to achieve. Thankfully, that is what they have done, hence the popularity of gamification on internet casinos.

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