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Well … you might notice that there’s no podcast attached to this post … that’s because the recording file was corrupted and unusable. That’s unfortunate, because this episode was totally awesome!

To give you a synopsis, the characters interrogated a member of the Dukes, and got him to roll over on a few details about Mr. X and the weapons.

The characters received a response from Hermes, who arrived and took Melworth with him back to Olympus. Hermes told the heroes that Athena would meet them the following day at 5:45 p.m. in Stanley Park.

The heroes also met their new doctor, Doctor Ryan Tokugawa, and their head Scientist, Damon Clarkson, who both seem excited to be part of the team.

Finally, the heroes met Max’s “Favorite Cousin,” Sylvester Mars. As it turns out, Sylvester is a slimy, slippery weasel with major mind control powers, and that caused some serious trouble when the heroes all went out for pizza at Tony’s Pizza.

After Sylvester gave the heroes the slip, they decided they needed to head out to the Pit Bulls’ hideout, a former nightclub called “The Purple Onion.” They were all set for a lengthy stakeout when a meteor fell from the sky, heading straight for the nightclub. The heroes quickly got everyone out, rescuing several captured children inside, and stopped the meteor from devastating a huge swath of Justice City … and discovering an unconscious form of a rock-creature in the core of the meteorite!

To be continued!

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