Amalgamated News Service, A Groundbreaking Development In Tabletop RPG Immersion


Terra/Sol Games is pleased to announce that this Friday May 24th, we will be launching a new site called Amalgamated News Service

But what is Amalgamated News you ask? It’s an “in-game” website that will bring you all the news of the Twilight Sector. It will be 24/7/365. The Twilight Sector never stops so Amalgamated News coverage of it won’t either. You can count on a minimum of one new item being posted everyday. Everything posted on Amalgamated News will be actual in-game news and information. We will concentrate on providing you things that you can use in your games both background information and information that referees and players can build their games around. Stuff that will keep you and your players connected to the game between sessions. We’ll have text, pictures and audio files with the news of the day and via links we’ll have suggestions on how to use the in-game information that Amalgamated News provides in your games. We’ll provide the information via links because Amalgamated News will be wholly “in-game”. We want the site to make your Twilight Sector games vibrant and exciting and to make the GMs life a little easier. Because we really do believe our motto; “Because the Campaigns the Thing”.

We are extremely excited about the prospects for this site and hope you’ll visit the Amalgamated News Service often and follow us on twitter

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