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Hero Tokens

Each player starts each game session with a number of hero tokens (HT). A player may earn more hero tokens throughout the game for good roleplaying, storytelling, keeping the game fun, astounding and amazing feats of heroics by their characters, or other various game related items as determined by the game master.

Hero tokens may be spent on a players turn to perform one of the actions found on the following list. In most cases only one HT may be spent per player’s turn.

Hero Token Actions List

  • Seize Initiative: A player may spend a HT to go first in any given round. Once they act, they use up their action for that round and return to their normal initiative for the next round.
  • Re-roll a non-damage check: A player may spend a HT to re-roll any non-damage check. If they roll below a ten on the check, they add ten.
  • A player may spend a HT to have their character take the damage and/or effect from a critical hit that strikes a different player’s character. The player spending the HT should describe how this action is occurring within the narrative.
  • A player may spend a HT to add a +2 to any roll, including damage. A player may spend multiple HT to gain multiple +2s to the same roll.
  • A player may spend a HT to have their character immediately stabilize during if dying.
  • A player may spend a HT to create terrain advantage.
  • A player may spend a HT to trigger a terrain advantage.
  • A player may spend a HT to recharge a character’s daily or encounter power, allowing it to be used again. The power must be used immediately.
  • A player may place a point in the HT Pool. A player can only place as many HT as their character’s charisma modifier into the pool.
  • A player may spend a HT for their character to succeed on a trained craft skill. This only works for mundane items and those of normal quality.

Terrain Advantage

A terrain advantages (TA) are physical or magical environmental modifications that grant bonuses to any PC or NPC who is lucky enough to use them. Normally a TA grants a +2 to specific rolls (typically attacks and/or damage) if a particular skill check DC is successfully made. If a player spends a HT on a TA, then the player gets to roll advantage on that specific roll.

Some terrain advantages will grant the bonus to rolls without skill rolls being needed, such Darkness or Heavy Fog both adding to a +2 to all Hide checks.

Examples of terrain advantages include: Heavy Fog, Dense Underbrush, Low Branches, Slippery Pebbles, or any other descriptions that make sense for the area.  A particular terrain advantage does need to make sense to a particular area and the narrative, so the GM is in their right to veto or alter those that do not fit.

Some terrain advantages may have HT placed on them. The HT on the terrain advantages are actually communal and can be used by players or the GM.

There may be special TA that grants other bonuses. There is also the opposite of a terrain advantage that creates disadvantage. This is normally only created by the GM.

Hero Token Pool

A player may also spend hero tokens that are in the Hero Token Pool (HTP). Hero tokens are put into the HTP by players or by the GM as rewards for special or heroic actions done by the party.

GMs and Hero Tokens

GMs can also spend and gain HT. Firstly the GM starts with as many HT as players there are in the game, including the GM. Additionally, whenever a player spends a HT, that token goes to the GM’s pool. Last, but not least, important NPCs can have their own HT they can spend; the total number normally ranging from one to three, though incredibly powerful NPCs can always have more.

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