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Mecha: Ronin Fusion Superblade

By terrestrialboy, on July 19th, 2011

Ethan, Erik, and Tracy managed to get together with Chris Perrin, writer of the Mecha RPG, and writer over at, and had a chance to play through a little Mecha with him.

About Mecha

Metal and Flesh

In battlefields on Earth, in space, and on realms known only to imagination, brave men and women answer the call of fate. They leave behind their simple lives and become pilots of giant armed robots, called mecha, opening a world filled with excitement and danger.

Live and Die

No matter their beginnings, mecha are tools of war! Pilots will soon learn that with the awesome power of their mecha, comes the awesome responsibility to fight the evil gods of the Living City, put down the Separatist Guard’s shameful rebellions, topple unjust kings and his lackies, the Arbor Defense Force, find love with the Cheerleader Captain, and get to class before the Vice Principal finds out. Such is the life of a mecha pilot.

Together As One

No pilot faces these trials alone. A pilot will always have his mecha to be strong where he is weak and protect him in the face of unspeakable danger. Also, the pilot will always be there for his mecha, who needs to be led to glory on the battlefield.

Mecha… The RPG

This is mecha-style anime role playing at its finest. Grab some friends, some dice, and this book and get ready to relive the best robot anime you’ve ever seen and tell mecha anime-stories no one has dreamed of yet. This is Mecha.

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