A Pathfinder RPG based on the AEG card game Arcana. Sequel to last year’s The Duke’s Lost Ring, the guild wars are in full swing in preparation for the Ducal Jubilee once again! Duke Flibberty-Gibbet has brought music and culture to Cadwallon in the last year, but the bard is in failing health, no doubt due to some foul guild plot. Who is behind it, and can the Noble Knives stop them? Or will the band of friends and allies use this opportunity to seize control of the city for themselves? Returning players from last year have priority, but last-minute joins are welcome if slots are available. Returning PCs are Bosh and Lidda, who team up with the Noble Knives: Mirole Soma, Gosse Hitchblade, Salias Yesod, and the mysterious Alizarine! And get ready for a little dash of steampunk with Orn, the gnome arcane mechanik!

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