M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 64 – Time Bomb part 1 Fixed « Gamer’s Haven Podcast



Volt awakens to the horror that has been unleashed on the world. Apparently the Emancipator has activated a bomb that destroyed the timeline, leaving the world as a simple piece of rock floating in time/space. Downtime managed to save the Angels and a few of their allies and told them that they will be dealing with the bombs in the past, while he deals with those in the future. Volt is still recovering from the shock when they are shoved into Renaissance Italy to deal with the explosive there.

(My apologies, the first episode managed to get eaten by the time bomb itself and disappeared. In the missing episode the Angels, minus Volt who was missing that session, was shoved back into prehistoric times to fight Emancipators riding dinosaurs. Just missed a bit of the shock factor for the arc.)

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