New Video Game Releases, Esport Scene & Best Gaming Podcasts

Best Gaming Podcasts, New Game Releases and Esport Scene

Welcome to gamer’s haven podcast, the best gaming podcast .Every art and skills need practice and knowledge in that particular area. Books are one of the ways you can gain knowledge. However, that is a long process to get you started with gambling. You need to understand how to pick a good online casino site and take advantage of the no wagering bonuses and other perks these sites offer their customers. The best option that could come in here is listening where you can cover up a lot of topics in a go. That is where the best gaming podcast can be very helpful.

Discussion About Gaming World

The gaming world has prevalent for a very long time now. Some of the best gaming podcasts are available for you, so you can dive into the gamer’s haven and become a part of the gaming world. Best gaming podcasts has been found to improve the emotional well-being of the player. It also helps in forming strong bonds with friends. This is because many of the games are paid as a team as this makes the players bond well with each other. Online gaming has made it easier for many people, including gamers. Many games can now be played over the internet and can be played with many players all over the world. This has been a great improvement for the present generation of gamers.

The Popularity of Sport Games

It has been a long time since the first video game was released in gamer’s haven. Since then the industry of gaming has only been rising. It has improved so drastically that video games can be played online as well. This is known as esports gaming. Due to the expansion of the internet, esports gaming has also expanded. Due to its popularity, many esports tournaments are taking place. There are a lot of players and betting on esports gaming is also possible in many online sports casinos.

New Video Games Releases for PC and Mobile

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. This game can be played online as well. This is also the popular table game in the United States. In the online blackjack game, you are playing against the dealer. You can find many online blackjack tables and even try them for free with a casino bonus you can get at GrandVegasNodeposit.

  1. Baccarat

Baccarat is another well-known casino game. This game is now also available online. You can experience the feeling of playing baccarat in your casino by looking into your mobile or PC. This is a game of luck and you do not need any skill or strategy.

  1. Roulette

You might think that since roulette requires a big wheel, it might not be possible to play online. But roulette game is available online as well. The rules are the same and there is a virtual wheel on your screen. This roulette game has been a huge hit since its release for PC and mobile phones.

Apart from these, there are a lot of other casino games which you can play online such as online poker, slot games, roulette games, and blackjack games. You can play these game for free in the gamer’s haven as you can the no deposit bonuses as real money which these websites offer to new players. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to try out some of the best Microgaming casino games we are talking about, by using these exclusive bonus deals and offers. The various options of games in online casino & casino bonus are the reasons for these websites to be so popular.

Best Gaming Podcasts and How to Listen to Them

If you are interested in listening to the best gaming podcasts, you can check them out for free in the gamer’s haven. You can hear them online or any podcast platform.

  1. The Giant Bombcast & Giant Beastcast

The Giant Bombcast has two weekly shows which are very popular. They are the Bombcast and the West Coast team and the Beastin the East. This is a great podcast where you will get to know about the latest games news, release and a lot of interesting topics in the gaming community. Most of the episodes are very intimidating and are great for listening.

  1. Waypoint Radio

Waypoint Radio also has a twice-weekly show bringing in a lot of analysis of the gaming culture. There are also various weekly news and releases. There are also focused on discussions on gaming. Waypoint Radio is a great, funny and analytical podcast.

  1. No Cartridge Audio

No Cartridge Audio has a lot of different shows. There are new ways of discussing topics every week. This has become a trend within the industry. It is an academic way of taking on games and features different influential voices from the Twitter circles. There are a lot of episodes which you can look forward to.

  1. Retronauts

Retronauts is the premier retro podcast in the gaming industry. In each episode, there are different topics about the game. You can choose to listen to the episodes which you want depending on our interests. This is one of the best gaming podcasts and it features Jeremy Parish who is a knowledgeable game historian.

  1. Three Moves Ahead

This podcast is from the Waypoint’s Rob Zacny. This is a strategy podcast for those who are interested in strategy games. They offer the best gaming podcasts on a lot of online games including chess as well.