Rebooted – A Quick Catchup

CircularLogoWe've been out of commission for a while now, and we're endeavoring to get back to it.

With that, we've added some functionality to the website, including a chat function, forums, and social groups and activities as well. We're expanding our coverage to include more news, reviews, and we're starting to look at video games as well. We're trying to make this website a stopping point for gamers of all kinds, whether they get their fun from the tabletop, the video screen, or both!

In this episode, Ethan, Nathan, and Jeremy talk about what they've been doing the last few months - and get into some of what they want to accomplish with the show from this point out. Expect a lot of new and cool stuff as the weeks progress.

In the meantime, please take your time to play around with the new bells and whistles on the website!

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Episode 107 – After Dark

Recorded a while ago and Ethan forgot to post this ... ah, the busy life.

Ethan, Jeremy, and Noah test some new equipment and talk about what they've been up to.

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Episode 105 – After Dark

No, you're not seeing things. Jeremy and Ethan decided to get an episode out the door while Nathan and Noah weren't available. So, this being the landmark episode where they didn't have Nathan around, Ethan and Jeremy talked about all kinds of things that would likely make Nathan mad ...


Gamer’s Haven Episode 90 – News, Reviews, and More 5th Edition

No, we're not dead, just busy.

We tackle this episode with some more freestylin' and hit up some news, reviews, and chat a bit more about 5th edition.  It's an aimless episode, but we needed to get together to record, and it's been two months ... life has been busy.

In the Three Parter, Jeremy reviews the new D&D supplement, Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, Ethan takes a look at the new DC Adventures/Mutants & Masterminds book, Heroes & Villains Vol. 2, while Nathan (and Ethan and Jeremy) talk a bit about What They're Into ...

We wrap things up with a few Random Encounters!

Running Time on this Episode is 137 minutes.

About D&D Player's Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos

Masters of fire and earth. Lords of air and water. This tome is the definitive sourcebook for creating and playing characters with ties to the Elemental Chaos and the primordial beings that dwell there. It shows how the elements can influence heroes of the natural world and presents elemental-themed character options for players.

In addition to discussing elemental power and presenting new character themes with strong story hooks, this book includes new class builds -- including the elementalist and the sha'ir -- and new feats and paragon paths designed to tie existing characters more closely to the Elemental Chaos.

About DC Adventures Heroes & Villains Vol. 2

The DC Universe features a dazzling array of characters who have thrilled readers for generations. The two-volume Heroes & Villains set details more than 500 of those characters for use in your DC Adventures games, all featuring character stats fully compatible with the award-winningMutants & Masterminds RPG. Vol. 2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off, covering characters from the League of Assassins and Legion of Super-Heroes to Zatanna and Zauriel. With Heroes & Villains in-hand, you will never lack for characters to use in your game, from heroic guest-stars and villainous foes to heroes suitable as ready-to-play characters. You'll also have a comprehensive guide for modeling your own DC characters based on existing examples along with a collection of animals and monsters useful for mimics and shapechangers. It's the comprehensive guide to the heroes and villains of the DC Universe no fan should be without!


One Shots – D&D 4th Edition Dark Sun: It’s Always Sunny in Athas

In this redux of a KantCon game session, Ethan, Nathan, and Jeremy and some others get the chance to finally play some Dark Sun!

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Gen Con 2011 – Hunter’s Books and Outbreak Undead

Ethan had the pleasure to speak with Ivan Van Norman of Hunters Books, publishers of the hit role-playing game Outbreak Undead (who Ethan interviewed a while back in September 2010).  Since then, Outbreak Undead has become a huge hit, and Hunters Books had a few things to announce this year, besides being distributed through Studio 2 Publishing.

This is another installment in a series of short interviews from the floor of Gen Con 2011.

About Hunters Books

Hunters Books and Apparel, In 1999 the Hunter, Vincent St.Clair, came to the United States and was appalled at the lack of preparedness against evil forces. He wanted to make a change in the public knowledge of these threats. With that goal in mind, he and his team of Hunters have developed Outbreak Undead, a Zombie Survival Role-Playing Game with the tag “Your Zombie Survival Plan Will Fail!” and challenges players to prove them wrong. Learn more about our game and visit the “SPEW-AI” stations, where you can create yourself as a character, at our booth. In the days of Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia, information is power, and these men reek of it. While working on the book, they still continue their hunter life, and stalk the shadows of the unknown to this day.

About Outbreak Undead

Outbreak Undead” is a Zombie Survival Simulation RPG that is not only fun, but an essential step in surviving the Undead. We at Hunters Books have provided the most dramatic, effective, and above all realistic means in which to (safely) simulate the events of a zombie uprising and try your chances at survival!

Included in Outbreak Undead, players will find:
• A simple and unique percentile based combat system
• Everyday items that can be used as weapons! You’ll soon find that
anything and everything can be used to destroy the undead.
• Endless scenario types, with the ability to form missions from any and all existing zombie lore and fan-fiction
• Easy-to-use charts that can be used to customize outbreak scenarios for players of all levels of experience
• Dynamic rule-sets, designed to turn the game into a simulation,
including realistic factors such as “Panic,” “Pain,” and “Empathy”
• Character templates for all survivor archetypes, such as firemen, military personnel, and civilians.

The core rulebook of Outbreak Undead consists of a player's guide, a game-master's guide, and a zombie guide. Everything you need to play is contained in one place. The convenience of three books in one!

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Gen Con 2011 – Crafty Games Seminar

While at Gen Con 2011, Ethan made it to the Crafty Games Seminar, detailing what Crafty Games has up its sleeve for the foreseeable future.  Hot on the heels of announcing that they are putting out a role-playing game based on Brian Sanderson's Mistborn, Crafty Games has a slew of new stuff they're working on.

This is first in a series of seminar recordings from Gen Con 2011.

About Crafty Games

Crafty Games was founded in 2005 but its roots date back to 2002, with the release of the award-winning Spycraft RPG (now referred to as Classic Spycraft). Alderac Entertainment Group gave three ambitious lunatics with keyboards and a dream the chance to produce a d20-based espionage roleplaying game and the world was never the same. Blending elegant, balanced rules with thrilling, original settings, Spycraft and its many derivatives landed on the gaming scene like a neutron bomb. Sales charts burst into flames, players took to the streets with graffiti campaigns to spread the word, and the designers were pelted with ridiculous gilded awards in the shape of Ursula Andress in that awesome bikini from Dr. No. Well, that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration, but so far no one’s disproved it in a court of law so we’re sticking to the facts as we know them.

Shortly after the release of the game’s second edition, Spycraft 2.0, AEG discontinued most of its RPG lines. This left Spycraft without a home and gave its creators an opportunity to steal it away and make with the happy, happy fun time (read: global domination). Back room deals were brokered and sacrifices were made, and here we are: a band of merry maniacs and a growing army of the coolest, most dedicated fans in the biz, scheming from the shadows. The Blueprint for Tomorrow (tm) is here and soon, yes, very soon, there will be trembling. Could be the world, or more likely us, but trembling will be had. And it will be mighty indeed.

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Gen Con 2011 – Battle Bunker Games



While walking the floor of Gen Con 2011, Ethan had the chance to stop off at Battle Bunker Games, publishers of Dice of the Dead, Please Stand By, and Adventurer's Tiles.

This is the first in a series of short interviews from Gen Con 2011.

About Battle Bunker Games

Battle Bunker Games was founded by Dan Hinkle in 2004 as a retail game and hobby store. In 2006 BBG closed its store front location and moved to online sales and underwent a business restructuring as Dan joined the U.S. Navy, serving four years in Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron Four. BBG is now a small publisher and game design studio.

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Gamer’s Haven Episode 85 – KantCon 2011 Awards Ceremony

As with last year, Jeremy and Ethan take to the podium to dole out the awards for KantCon 2011!

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Gamer’s Haven Episode 83 – Finding Religion

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

In this episode, we sit down and talk some religion ... in your game, that is.  We talk about how you can use religion, both as an abstract, and as a direct motivator, including religious organizations.  We touch on using religion in a fantasy setting, and in a contemporary or futuristic setting.  In the Three Parter, Nathan reviews Lamentations of the Flame Princess, while Jeremy has a rant on his latest bout with AT&T, and Ethan gives us a shameless plug.

Total Running Time on this Episode is 104 minutes.

About Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Beyond the borders of civilization, beyond the influence of manipulating politicians, greedy merchants, iron-handed clergy, and the broken masses that toil for their benefit, the ruins of ancient civilizations call to those bold enough, and desperate enough, to escape the oppression of mundane life. Treasure and glory await those courageous enough to wrest it from the darkness. But the danger is great, for lurking in the forgotten shadows are forces far more corrupt than even civilization. The price for freedom might be paid in souls.

Buy Lamentations of the Flame Princess from RPGNow

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