One Shots KantCon 2012 Deadlands – Storm Caller

The rain in Montana just won't stop. Union Blue believes there's more to it than a storm and has called in some of its more experienced heroes to help. Put on a raincoat and join in this mud-filled, torrential downpour of gruesome horror and Weird Western action! Characters
provided and no experience with the Savage Worlds game system necessary.

This game was run by the first ever KantCon Guest of Honor, the creator of Deadlands and Savage Worlds, Shane Hensley!

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Gen Con 2011 – Pinnacle Entertainment Seminar

Ethan had the chance to sit in on the Pinnacle Entertainment seminar at Gen Con 2011.  Pinnacle Entertainment went over their plans for their various game lines, including Deadlands Reloaded and the long awaited Hell on Earth Reloaded.  Also in attendance at the seminar were the licensees of the Savage Worlds game system, including Reality Blurs, Savage Mojo, and many others, and they detailed what they have in store for their various product lines.

About Pinnacle Entertainment

Pinnacle began in 1994 with Fields of Honor (a historical miniatures game) and The Last Crusade (a collectible World War 2 card game designed by John R. Hopler).

Certainly what we're best known for is Deadlands, which has now been going strong since 1996. Deadlands has appeared as a roleplaying game, a miniatures game, a collectible card game, a collectible disk game, and a comic book. The roleplaying game can be found in its original "classic" edition, in the d20 system, and "Reloaded" for our current house system,Savage Worlds. It has also been translated into Steve Jackson Games' popular GURPs system.

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Deadlands Reloaded Enough Room to Die Episode 30 (Finale): The Parting of the Ways

The climactic conclusion of Enough Room to Die.  A campaign six years in development, with 30 episodes in the can, with more episodes unrecorded from years past, if you've made it this far ... we congratulate you!


Deadlands Reloaded Enough Room to Die Episode 29: Old Friends

The epic Deadlands game draws closer to the end when the characters make it to Gettysburg, and make a startling discovery!


Deadlands Reloaded Enough Room to Die Episode 28: Getting Served


Deadlands Reloaded Enough Room to Die Episode 27 – Old Wounds


Deadlands Reloaded Enough Room to Die Episode 26


Gamer’s Haven Special Edition – An Interview with Shane Hensley

Ethan sits down with Shane Hensley, creator of Savage Worlds and Deadlands.

<![CDATA[In this episode, Ethan sits down with Shane Hensley, creator of the Deadlands setting and President of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. They talk about the gaming hobby, the fans, and a bit about that little Deadlands thing, too.
You can check out our Shane Hensley selection in our Amazon Store here.

You can visit Pinnacle Entertainment Group here

Running time on the interview is 44 minutes.

This episode is sponsored by FRP Games.]]>


Deadlands Reloaded – Enough Room to Die – Episode 25 – Interrogatories

The Gamer's Haven and The Vorpal Network are proud to present, in association with Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Deadlands Reloaded: Enough Room to Die!


Gamer’s Haven Snippet Episode 15 – Deadlands Dice from Q-Workshops

In this episode, Ethan talks about the new Deadlands Dice from Q-Workshops.

This episode is brought to you by FRP Games.