Gamer’s Haven Podcast

Disney Movies

What with Ethan entering the ranks of parenthood, it felt like a great opportunity to go back to look at our favorite Disney films.


Child Characters

Or, rather, characters who are children. Aaron and Ethan take a look at all media, as we did in our Favorite Characters podcast, and try to discern who’s good and who’s bad when it comes to kids and characters.



Ethan and Aaron are joined by Manuel, Aaron’s fellow host on the Truthful Comics Podcast, and they get their two cents in on the big announcement that Ben Affleck will be the new Batman in the Batman vs. Superman film directed by Zack Snyder.


Breaking Down Breaking Bad

We sit down to talk about one of the most amazing shows on television – Breaking Bad, starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. With the new season debut, and the accolades that the show has garnered, we feel the need to chime in on the revolutionary program. This is NOT … Continue reading


X-Men Film Franchise

With the recent release of The Wolverine, Ethan and Aaron stay in Comic Book Mode and talk about the 20th Century Fox offerings to the comic book cinematic tapestry, from X-Men to The Wovlerine, they discuss the ins and outs of each film. So … what’d they get right? What’d they … Continue reading


Marvel Phase 3 and Beyond …

Aaron and Ethan sit down and talk about the potential future of the Marvel Studios films, from the possible outcome of Phase 2 to the possibilities of Phase 3. Think about it … Ant Man, Dr. Strange, and … the Infinity Gauntlet? Or will we be seeing Power Pack, Moon … Continue reading


Our Favorite Moments in Butt-Hurt

Back in March, Aaron, like Babe Ruth, called his shot and said that 2013 would be known as the “Summer of the Butt-Hurt Fan-boy!” In our estimations, he was correct. Between Iron Man 3 to Man of steel the internet has been lousy with purist fan boys coming out of … Continue reading


Podcast of Steel

In Ethan’s absence, Aaron enlists the help of his Truthful Comics cohorts Manuel Carmona, and Cory Gaitan to discuss the newest pop culture phenomenon!  In this episode we talk about the speculation surrounding the upcoming Man of Steel movie, the newest character to be announced for the Injustice game, Rob … Continue reading


The Snobs State of cinema

Ethan and Aaron discuss Iron man 3, and Steven Soderberg’s state of cinema address.


Cancer/Viral Outbreak movies

Ethan and Aaron join forces, once again, with friend of the show Edward Douglas, who’s dealing with some serious health concerns. Ed was recently diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, and is doing his best to keep his spirits up. Ethan and Aaron help him out by making him talk about cancer … Continue reading