Just B.E. Episode 1 – Meet Beth and Ethan

Beth and Ethan go over who they are and how they met, and begin their chronicle of their relationship.

Just B.E. is a podcast meant to chronicle the lives and memories of Ethan and Beth Parker. If anyone gets anything from this show, be it entertainment or an interesting story, just know that it was made with the intention of having a living record of their stories, experiences, and lives for their loves ones - from their grandparents, brothers, sisters, and their children.

As the show progresses, Just B.E. will expand to include other family members and friends who wish to share their stories, whether it pertains to Bethany and Ethan or not.

We all have stories, and we want to make sure their voices are heard.

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Issue 39 – Time is on Our Side

The heroes travel with Chronomancer to convince the crotchety old crone, the Chronowitch, to help them travel back in time to Athens. They end up on a mission that pits them against the United States Navy.


Issue 38 – Law & Order

The heroes find out where the Renegades are holding the American Legion of Justice, and make with the rescue mission!


Issue 37 – Crisis in Sentry City

The heroes head to Sentry City to  speak with the American Legion of Justice, more specifically Chronomancer. They arrive to find the city undefended against a crime wave!


Justice City United Issue 36 – Sand and Blood

The heroes regroup after the attack on the MarsTech campus, and decide to finally take a little trip to war-torn Egypt. This leads to some revelations about the past, and a road to follow for the future.


Confessions of a Movie Snob – 2015 Year in Review

We are joined by critic Edward Douglas for our annual year-in-review show. We all give our top movies of 2015!


Justice City United Issue 35 – Aftershocks

One year has passed since issue 34, and the aftershocks of the year's events resonate throughout the world. The heroes are left picking up the pieces as people adjust to the new world, new heroes make themselves known, and old problem becomes a new concern.


Justice City United 2015 Christmas Special – Crisis on Christmas

What the heroes hope to be a peaceful holiday season turns decidedly strange when someone threatens the beliefs and hopes of children across the world, by holding Santa Claus hostage! If something isn’t done, the world may be denied the hope and joy of the Christmas season!

This is a pre-generated adventure that was modified for a special Christmas session of the game, out of regular continuity, featuring the regular players (some with their new characters) Jeremy (Cerberus), Robin (Blue Streak), Beth (Persephone), Rowan (Alexandria), and Noah (Hayate).

We've changed the lineup, as you can see, and when episode 35 posts soon, you'll get the full update as to what's happened in the campaign's long downtime.


Confessions of a Movie Snob – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It's baaaaaack!

Confessions of a Movie Snob began as the Red Phone Zone many years ago, and has been a friend of the show (what with me being a co-host on it almost since it's inception) for all that time. It's back now, slightly retooled, condensed, and ready to talk movies with my good friend Aaron Hoover.

It's also moved under the umbrella of the Gamer's Haven Podcast as more of a technicality, but will be supported through the main site here.

All the old episodes will be available for download on the site as soon as possible.

In this episode, Aaron and I talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a small movie made by a small company, Disney.


Updates from the Crazy House

Here's an update as to where we are ...

I have two episodes of Justice City in the bag that need editing, and two or three episodes of Confessions of a Movie Snob that will be posted ASAP.

I'm not sure the status of the other campaigns, especially the ones run by Andre. He's been very busy and has not got back with me on whether or not he will continue to post content on the Gamer's Haven Podcast.

As for the regular show, it's still on indefinite hiatus with some pretty serious real life concerns taking up the time of one of the hosts. I can't elaborate, but it's not me.

I'm also aware that none of our old feeds work in iTunes. Since Apple refuses to let me directly control our feeds and won't let me update them manually, we are not going to continue to wrestle with them. If you want to subscribe to the show, please do so with the links provided on the sidebar.

I'm also repairing the old posts as fast as I can, but it's going to be a slow process. They will be fixed, but it will take me a while to do it. Sorry for the delay.