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Gamer’s Haven Episode 57 – One Shots

In this episode, we talk about running one shots, albeit with many tangents. In the Three Parter, Jeremy reviews some free Monster PDFs from a user at ENWorld (The Book of Distant Stars and The Book of the Dead), Nathan rants on Downloadable Content, and Ethan voices his concerns on the Doctor Who RPG from Cubicle 7.
Running time for this episode is 96 minutes.
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  1. (I only recently came across your website and podcasts.)

    I am a huge Doctor Who fan since the 1980s and I have several copies of all the Doctor Who RPGs and supplements, Doctor Who miniatures games, etc.

    The reason for the high cost of the Cubicle 7 RPG is because it is a boxed set, not a hardback. The 11th Dr edition is being released this Spring (it is just about to go to the printers).

    The Cubicle 7 Doctor Who RPG is both award-winning and award-nominated and is the best of all the Doctor Who RPGs.

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