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Gamer’s Haven Episode 25: Gen Con Preshow

In this episode, we give you our thoughts on Gen Con, including tips about going to and surviving the convention, some thoughts on the guests this year, and a few things to look for while there. We also announce our Promote the Vote winners and respond to some feedback!

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  1. This one seems to be missing. Don’t know if the file’s corrupt or what but there’s nothing there.

  2. Thanks, it’s working now. 🙂 That’s great cos I wanted to hear the winners lol. There’s a few more like this all the same preshow series for Gen Con ’07.

  3. My bad, there was just one other from Gen Con which you fixed. Thanks 😀

  4. Hey, I know I’m gonna sound like a complete idiot just by asking this, but what was the theme song at the intro of this episode? I swear I remember it from an action anime or something from when I was a kid.

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