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Justice City Superpowered PDF Now Available!

The Gamer's Haven is proud to announce the release of our first PDF release for sale, Justice City Superpowered!

For those of you who are following the ongoing M&M 3E Justice City United campaign in our actual play, you know that Justice City is a part of the Superpowered universe that was previously featured in the Freedom City Adventures actual play.

Superpowered is a setting that Ethan has been working on for several years, and Justice City Superpowered is the first release in a series of setting installments meant to combine together to create a large setting, or usable as small city installments in your existing campaign.

So, support us here at the Gamer's Haven and pick up a copy through our affiliate link and we'll see you in Justice City!

About Justice City Superpowered

On May 17, 2012, the Sun entered the second half of its life. A burst of unknown radiation erupted from its core, traveling just over 237 Million miles before it dissipated.

The innter planets were irradiated with a strange energy. This energy brought forth the Superpowered ...

The first in a series of supplemental setting books, Justice City Superpowered gives you the basic bones of a city setting to use in your M&M campaign. Use it as your central setting, or combine it with an existing campaign to give your characters a new place to visit!

Additionally, you can combine all the Gamer's Haven Superpowered setting books together to create the Superpowered Setting, a place where your superheroes can battle supervillains of all shapes and sizes.

Justice City changed its name from Vancouver a few years back, bending to the popularity of other worldly cities renaming themselves in the wake of the appearance of Superpowered. It's a large metropolitan area, with a rich history and a unique climate.


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