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Eclipse Phase: Breakdown – Convergence

In this episode, the sentinels play a game within a game. What happens when too much power gets into the wrong hands? And will the sentinels be able to correct the problems?


Eclipse Phase Breakdown Episode 2 – Opposing Forces

The sentinels are forced to work at cross-purposes when different parts of the team are given different assignments. What happens when a team if forced to work against itself?


Eclipse Phase Breakdown Episode 1 – Flashback

Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase

It's 10 years after the Fall. Transhumanity is scattered across the solar system, holding on to life, convincing themselves that everything is okay. But it's not.

As new operative of Firewall, our Sentinels investigate the trail of one of their fellow operative, trying to figure out what happened to her. The Song Cai Flower awaits, and what is hidden inside, no one knows.

About Eclipse Phase: Eclipse Phase is a game of transhuman conspiracy and horror. Eclipse Phase is published under a Creative Commons license by Posthuman Studios.

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