Gamer’s Haven Podcast

Thunder Rift Episode 9 – Beyond the Waterfall

The heroes begin their quest (finally) and start trying to get the unholy book before someone else does.


Thunder Rift Episode 8 – Home Sweet Home

The heroes finally get back to Thunder Rift!


D&D Thunder Rift Episode 7 – Agreeable Adventurers

The characters manage to make their way through the happiest swamp ever ... and do a lot of talking with monsters and the like, much to the monsters' surprise.


Dungeons & Dragons Thunder Rift Episode 6 – Face to Face to Face

We're joined in person by Tracy this time around, and the characters deal with his unfortunate decision the previous session.  Instead of getting burned at the stake, the characters make their way into a dark swamp in hopes of finding a way home.


Dungeons & Dragons Thunder Rift Episode 5 – Lost in La Mancha

The characters find themselves in a creepy castle ... and then a creepy countryside as they realize their mistake!


Dungeons & Dragons Thudner Rift Episode 4 – Woe

The characters continue their adventure, but, not surprisingly, take a bit of a detour.


D&D Thunder Rift Episode 3: Housekeeping

The characters start the long road of taking care of a keep ... and take an unexpected trip in the process.

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D&D 4th Edition Thunder Rift Episode 2

In this episode, the characters continue to find a goblin threat to the area!

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D&D 4th Edition Thunder Rift Episode 1 – A Chance Encounter

A new campaign set in Jeremy's world of Theyra, utilizing the Thunder Rift location from Mystara.

Thunder Rift is a setting created in the 90's for the "basic" Dungeons & Dragons product line. The setting, an alternative to the Known World/Mystara (the standard D&D setting), was conceived as a starting point for beginning game groups and to be gradually expanded by the DM. The Thunder Rift worked as a self-contained setting, but could be inserted in any existing game world as well.

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