Gamer’s Haven Podcast

Chapter 9 – The Searchers

The guns are dealt with while, at the same time, the heroes investigate the missing Wallace Blount. Before they can head for the next step in their investigation, the heroes find themselves enlisted as a posse for a very unlikely lawman.


Deadlands Last Sons Chapter 8: Truth & Consequences

Picking up where the last game left off, the heroes pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the Horseman's attack. Colonel Custer decides to inquire as to the heros' business in Deadwood. The heroes begin down a path that could push Deadwood into a deadly situation.


Deadlands: The Last Sons Chapter 7 – A Head of the Problem

The heroes thunder into Deadwood and try to make the best of a bad situation. With a double-cross in the works, the heroes are met with a fearsom force as Michael's influence catches up with them.


Deadlands: The Last Sons Chapter 6 – Guns, Guns, Guns

The heroes discover a mysterious weapons shipment in the middle of the Sioux Nations that leads to some startling new information. An unlikely alliance is formed and the heroes pick up a stray just before making it to Deadwood.


Deadlands: The Last Sons Chapter 5 – Night Hunters

The heroes accompany Sky Hawk to the ambush site where Wovoka is under siege and a blood-bath ensues. One of the heroes seemingly falls, only to be miraculously spared. The heroes are given a reprieve and some companionship for a brief time before they set out on the next leg of their trek to Deadwood.


Star Wars: No Sympathy Episode V – The Monkey in the Wrench

The heroes aim to misbehave. They continue their acts of terrori- I mean, rebellion ... and take aim at the Spaceport in an effort to spread the Imperial resources as thin as possible. They undertake a mission for Frigg and rescue an old enemy from a relaxing day at the spa. Then, they gear up for an assault to eliminate Jorgo once and for all.


Deadlands: The Last Sons Chapter 4 – Welcome to the Nations

The heroes cross the Platte River into the Sioux Nations, and quickly discover why it's described as a bloody and savage place. Their numbers begin to dwindle as they set out on a perilous rescue that could prove beneficial to their plight.


Star Wars: No Sympathy Episode IV – Suicide Run

The heroes make a deal with their Imperial mole to gain some advantage in their situation. They also begin to deal with their real Hutt contact. Finally, the heroes bring their own brand of mayhem to a prison break.


Deadlands: The Last Sons Chapter 3 – Split

The heroes come to a hard decision after things in Belmont become worse. Michael reveals some clues to Doctor Vilner and extracts some payback for the previous night's activities. The town splits and the heroes find themselves racing for the border.


Episode III – Furious Anger

The heroes get into the thick of things and try to find out what happened to the Rebel cell. After some investigating, things get interesting as they take a job that's a little questionable.