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Pathfinder: Wizard’s College CBS Episode 6 – Sand and Revolution

The professors decide that it is time to travel to Anubia in order to find out what is happening in the homeland of their friend Cancorus and their fellow professor Lapis.  They find that there are two armies at each other's throats.  Will the professors be able to handle this or is there something else in the background?


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  1. Did you house rule that he could use spell strike with fireball? As far as I know there is no way to cast ranged spells via spell strike. There is a magus arcana that allows to cast ranged touch spells but none that allow fire ball. I know the spell sword was what he was playing in 3.5 so did you just allow him to transfer that spell over? I am playing a magus in my current game and have been listening for a while and kept waiting for him to use spell strike and when he finally does all I keep thinking is he is playing it wrong. So I am just curious if I am overlooking something. Enjoying the game can’t wait to finish the podcasts so I can check out the others.

    • In terms of Magus, that was an error. However for Nathan, I allowed a bit of a leeway since he had lost a lot of his abilities that he had gotten used to in the switch over to Pathfinder. This is something that I correct in later episodes.

      • Also please tell me it was just a bad day for him, but that one session where he pouted about not having spells left to do anything (when he did just not fireballs) and then went in the other room and played video games… I was sitting there feeling horrible for you. I would have been furious if anyone in a game I was in did that to the DM. My DM said he would likely have booted him from the game. However, you guys all seem like close friends. Has he looked over the class any? He could have been using shocking grasp or regular strikes there are so many options. I dont know the full details of the group and the people, but man that was disappointing listening to.

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