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Pathfinder: Wizard’s College CBS Episode 25 – Hail to the Lich

While the Professors are still down in the secret tunnel beneath the Sphnix Isle they encounter the captor of the Ranger. All hail to the lich!

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  1. Andre & Ethan,

    Thanks for posting all this content! My wife and I are going through kind of a lean time (she’s going back to school to be a teacher and I was laid off a few months back) and the podcasts have really helped out. I took a temp job to make ends meet while we straighten stuff out and because of all the free entertainment you provide I actually have something to look forward to other than the mindless slog of temp work. So thanks again and please keep posting!

  2. Ewww does that mean were gonna be getting Rippers in the next few days?

  3. aww, and I just had it downloaded. Just how far ahead is it? #1 with the wrong name or will I get spoilerd if I listen anyway?

  4. good thing i stopped listening after i heard people talking about rent and werewolves. bring on the raunchy andre, it is the internet after all.

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