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Pathfinder: Wizard’s College CBS Episode 23 – Sphinx Paradise – Fixed! Huzzah!

The final clue leading to the location of the Lost Library of Kyrin is at an unexpected, the paradise resort of the reclusive Sphinx. Will the professors manage to riddle their way into the island, or will they have to resort to a more direct approach?

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  1. Hey guys, sorry but I think this recording cuts off somewhere in the middle of the session. It seemed to me that it ended abruptly and well before the posted runtime of 3:49:32. Hope it’s not just me:) Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

    • Upon further inspection it looks like maybe there’s something corrupted about an hour and 50 minutes in. I can skip past it when streaming but when i attempt to download the file it only downloads to that point. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Is there an issue with itunes? the past few shows arent showing up for me.

  3. still nothing after checking some settings, last episode was vampire rock.

  4. your awesome man, thanks

  5. Okay I uploaded it again. Hopefully that fixed the finding it issue. Also I edited it again for any corruption issues. Please let me know if this worked, if not… well time to get crazy. By crazy I mean is run to a forum and whine at someone to fix it for me.

  6. itune still doesnt show up anything on my end, ill use the DL link for now.

    • Upon further inspection, it appears that a vast bulk of the podcasts I have released within the last few weeks have had corruption issues. We are working to get all of them fixed as soon as possible. So far I think that only Wizards’ College, City of Angels, and Brothers have been affected. I am checking the rest as we speak.

  7. ahh cool hope you guys can get it fixed

  8. still nothing from itunes but itunes is slow on uploads. the manual download works if you do it a few times. i ended up having to try with firefox instead of chrome. for some reason chrome wont download just play the audio in a new tab, but chrome is always like that for some reason.

  9. Sadly it’s still not working for me…it might be my crappy internet connection because every time I download it I get a different length/size file. I’m going to keep trying, thanks for your hard work!

  10. woot itunes is synced finally

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