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Pathfinder: Wizard’s College CBS Episode 19 – Monolithic Problem

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  1. Hey Andre, i love all the stuff you do and i’m learning a lot from YOU as a new GM. I want to ask a couple of questions later directly to you about your world later but for now i just want to show my appreciation of just letting us listen in

    And not to show my lack of appreciation, understanding you’re helping with Kantcon stuff and your own teaching job, but i hope you can post some new stuff soon, I love the story of wizards college and i want to see it continue soon. Even with all of Nathan’s complaining

    • Always glad to hear from listeners. I am more than happy to answer questions. And in terms of posting, I am hoping to resume my alternating posts: one week City of Angels, the next Wizard’s/Brother, and repeat. Fear not, more is en route.

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