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Pathfinder: Brothers Episode 34 – The Bull’s Forest

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  1. Where is the real Episode 34!? I can see by the file names and the fact the starting point for this one is not the ending point of the Episode 33!?

    • The Bull’s Forest is actually Episode 34, not 35. I have no idea why it is labeled as 35.

      • Okay, but at the end of episode 33 the “heroes” had freed the goblins and were staring at a portal to stone golem punchiness in the mines. This episode begins with the “heroes” back in town having collapsed the mines.

        • I do believe that a small part was cut off from the end. The heroes, rather than actually go through the golem punchy doom decided to blow the entire thing to hell. It was rather sad on my end, I had a custom built stone golem and everything. Oh well. Thus is the danger of an open world.

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