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Oneshots: Shadowrun 5th edition

Here's a recording for my group's dip into the Shadowrun 5th edition rules. Just came out this past summer, now brought to you... in 2014?

Anyways, i hope you guys like this new recording. I'm working on making sure that the recording is as high a quality as i can make it

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  1. Only about halfway through at the moment. The audio seems to cut out and skip a few seconds quit a lot. Is the recorder trying to automatically cut out silent space or is this from editing? Other than that sounds like a promising group.

  2. it was a recording error. most of my recordings aren’t like this but this time the recorder tried to jump a lot. i can promise that i can try to edit everything out, in fact the first time i put this onto my computer the recording was about 30 minutes longer.

    Anyways, the GM in our group, who went unnamed in the podcast, and his wife Liz are no longer with us, but the decker (myself) am the normal GM for our group. Hope you guys love what we do in the future!

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