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One Shot: Savage Worlds Prison Break Playtest – Brothers Group

The local Viscount has decided to hire a group of heroes for an unorthodox adventure, they need to get arrested. The Viscount offers 10,000 Gold a person, but is it worth the risk?

Prison Break is intended to be run for a group of 4-6 Seasoned Adventurers. The creatures encountered in the module have summarized stats for convience, if more detail is needed then refer to either the Savage Worlds Core Rule Book or the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion.

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  1. Probably not the best place to say this but… if you play a card from the Savage Worlds’ adventure deck that allows you to draw a card you can play an additional card; for the “need a bigger boat” card every player draws a card so every player can play two cards that session (the person who played “need a bigger boat” having already played one of his two).
    “Enemy” lets you draw an additional card each session, so you can play two cards every session until you deal with them!

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