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Justice City Issue 30 – Finding Game

Crimson Bolt and Cerberus are in police custody, but some unexpected aid steps in to intervene on their behalf. Meanwhile, Antaeus goes too far, and Poseidon wants his son back.

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  1. Were there superheroes in the military in any country before the JCI signed up?

    • Nope, they’re the first (officially speaking). Though Crimson Bolt operated in a “Black Ops” capacity for the Canadian Military before supers went public in 2012.

      • So rather than go to prison or fight the arrest in court, they decided to start an arms race?! Good job heroes, good job.

        I kid, I kid. However I will be interested to see how/if the rest of the world reacts, what sort of missions the Canadian Government will push them towards, and if the heroes will ever question their orders.

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