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M&M 3rd Edition: City of Angels Episode 27 – Retribution

As the heroes are rescuing the city, Elijah pushes the group just a bit too far.  The Angels take some personal time to show him that mind controlling team mates and double dealing is not acceptable.

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  1. Absolutely fabulous episode! The character emotion side is just amazing and Guardian is perfect!

    • But damn the ending was hard core… just… damn….

      • The ending for that episode was a hard game to run. I hate PvP. However, that being said, it was a long time coming. When a character actively mind controls his team mates he quickly earns their ire. When he refuses to stop after being asked in game and out of game several time, he is going to get a beat down until he understands how to use his powers more appropriately. In addition the player had been going around the teams backs to specifically sabotage the group’s relations with one of the NPCs, which also was asked to stop several times. I do not like having PvP, however the group finally snapped on him.

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