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KantCon 2013 Actual Play – Feng Shui League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1999

Action? Intrigue? NINJAS!? You'll have all of this and more in the hilarious, over-the-top continuation of Ethan's well-known LXG series. Featuring all of your favorite action heroes of the late 90s. Sense of humor: required. Sugar Ray and Ricky Martin live in concert: optional.

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  1. Map props. All of the mad props for you.
    In fact I am going to go make a mad props generator and make some more, just to give to you.
    Brimstone was such a fun series.

    Soooooo…. what’s the plan for next year, do we get LXG2009? So close to the present could you even determine who was a classic hero of the time? Actually I’d like to know who you did consider the classics, whether you run an LXG or not.

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