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Gamer’s Haven KantCon Actual Play – KantCon 2009 – Mutants & Masterminds Golden Age – Terror of the Golem (Part Four)

The year is 1944, and the war is nearly over. Hitler’s army is falling. Allied intelligence reports indicate that the Thule Society, an ancient society of Nazi mystics, are conducting strange experiments in Prague. With the imminent fall of the Axis sure to come at any time, the Nazis are becoming more and more desperate in their attempts to re-solidify the integrity of the Reich – by any means necessary. The latest transmission to Berlin has caused many to fear what the Thule Society may have in store for the Allies, and the Allied High Command has wasted no time in calling on the world’s greatest heroes, The Crusaders, to help them with this pivotal mission. Upon seeing the coded message, you understood. The transmission said only, “Golem activated, and he is yours, my Führer.”
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