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Gamer’s Haven KantCon Actual Play – KantCon 2009 – 7th Sea – Disentanglement (Part Two)

Located approximately 600 nautical miles off the coast of southwest Castille, the Noblesse Archipelago was an experiment in international unity. It failed. The bloodbath that is the Montaigne-Castillian war has reached the islands and cast the region into chaos. Avalon is staunchly defending its holdings while the Brotherhood of the Coast, Sea Dogs, and Vesten raiders all take advantage. There are even rumored sightings of Captain Reis in the area, but those are only rumors. Shackled to a wall lies a man some consider a vital revolutionary in Theah's destiny. Most see him as a reckless artifact collector who squandered his fortunes and deserves his destitution. Zacharie Alamand du Purise finds himself in a bit of a bind. Rumors of treason signify the Montaigne ruling class want him dead. The Inquisition hasn't been able to get the job done in three months. The Rilasciare have been vehemently pursuing him, and Die Kreuzritter, well, they don't even exist.
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