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Episode 1 – The Lady Vanishes Part 1

An all new campaign set in Deadlands Noir!

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  1. Whether you meant to make that just a throw away connection to the previous campaign or it was an actual hint as to how the plot of this Noir is meant to go, the fact that the players picked it up and ran with it is hilarious.
    Why do we players always trust what the crazy guys says and distrust everyone else?

  2. I’m Erik, the GM.

    The story about the gold was meant to be funny for anyone who knew about the previous campaign. I was trying hard not to crack up.

    That said, there will probably be other references to Enough Room To Die, but the Noir game isn’t a sequel or anything. I just really enjoyed playing in ERTD.

  3. I’ll have to think about how I can add a Little Bear reference. Hmm…

  4. Is this campaign going to have its own iTunes feed?

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