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Deadlands Noir Bokkor’s Legacy Episode 5 – Old Flames Part 3


Deadlands Noir Bokkor’s Legacy Episode 4 – Old Flames Part 2


Justice City Issue 30 – Finding Game

Crimson Bolt and Cerberus are in police custody, but some unexpected aid steps in to intervene on their behalf. Meanwhile, Antaeus goes too far, and Poseidon wants his son back.


Justice City Issue 29 – A Load of Bull

The heroes, along with the ATRU, try to avoid a bloodbath at Southridge, where the Pit Bulls are planning on a hit against The Dukes. With some uneasonable restrictions by Lt. Kavros, the battle goes poorly, and some heroes end up in custody!

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Justice City Issue 28 – On a Leash

The heroes interact with a new presence in the police department, and then take care of a small homeless problem with some unexpected help.


Hollowpoint: Bastille Day in Shambles

Games... one shot at a time

One Shots

Can the group of 5 Agents find success on their mission? Or will the mysterious Psyops succeed in their place? Join us listening to: Bad people killing bad people for bad reasons.

Hollowpoint, a game by VSCA publishing, along with a monthly group out north of Philadelphia PA, and gamed at the 7th dimension games store in Jenkintown, PA.

Hollowpoint is a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to you by the award-winning developers of Diaspora. It's ideally suited to a single evening's play and encourages regular character death because, hey, this shit's dangerous. Hollowpoint has been nominated in three categories for the 2012 ENnie awards: best rules, best game, and product of the year.


Episode 3 – Old Flames Part 1


Episode 2 – The Lady Vanishes Part 2